TheĀ Colour People
Ceiling White

The perfect paint for all your board and plaster ceilings. This water based emulsion paint is very easy to apply and economically priced. It has got the excellent coverage and rapid drying that gives an attractive matt finish. It is available in white only.

Gloss Enamel

Recommended for use on steel, galvanised iron and on all primed wood. Very easy to apply, giving a gloss hard film after drying overnight and offering excellent resistance to marring. It comes in various colours. Perfect for bathroom, kitchen wall and interior trim walls.

Roof & Stoep

A water based, easy to apply, quick drying colour fast roof and stoep paint with superb adhesion. The paint resists fading and sheds dirt easily. For use on cement and asbestos roof tiles, fascia boards and cladding. Used on cement stoeps or floors. Make sure galvanised iron sheets to be painted are suitably cleaned and primed.

P.V.A Int & Ext

This is a water based emulsion paint for use on all exterior and interior walls requiring a hardĀ  wearing and more washable finish. A rapid drying superior product with a matt finish and available in a wide range of colours.

Colour Accuracy

Colour samples and cultural and actual paint colours are as close as possible as allowed by modern print processes. Appearance of these colours are affected by factors such as, light and wall texture. These colours may also vary from product to product.