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The Professionlas in Protective Covering Solutions
PVC Grain Tarpaulins

For grain storage.

Rain Coats & Mining Sinking Suits

Raincoats : for domestic, agriculture sector, government ministries, etc.

Mining sinking suits: for mining, industry and other related industries.

These come in various colours

Flags and Banners

We are proud of our position as flag makers of Zimbabwe. All flags are made from the best quality imported bunting and are supplied not only to the governments of the SADC nations but also to military formations, business houses and clubs throughout Zimbabwe.

Bakkie Covers

UV Stabilised High flame retarded High resistance to cold and flex cracking High resistance to tear and water absorbtion Theft deterent

Modified Pavillion Tent

Sizes: 3.66m x 3.05m; 2.74m x 2.74m; 2.29m x 2.29m

The modified pavilion tent has two doors, a centre partition, three windows fitted with mosquito gauze and two verandahs.

Dome Tent With Fly

Sizes: 2 Men; 3 Men; 4 Men

This tent comes in a wide variety of colours, has one door and one window.

Pavillion Tent

Size: 3.66m x 3.05m

This tent comes in a wide variety of colours, has one door, three windows fitted with mosquito gauze and a front verandah.

Bow Tent

Size: 2.90m x 3.20m

This tent comes with a fly and verandah, has one door and two windows.

Ridge Tent

Size: 3.66m x 3.05m; 3.05m x 2.44m; 2.74m x 2.29m

This tent comes with a fly, has one door and steel poles


This comes in the following sizes:

3m x 3m; 4m x 4m; 5m x 5m.

Hip Roof Tent

Size: 4.9 X 4.9 m

Consists of a roof and four walls which are detachable and can be lowered

Drum Tent

Size: 3.50m x 2.70m

This tent has one big front door and two windows.


Sizes: 12.2m x 6.10m; 15.24m x 7.62m; 18.29m x 9.14m; 24.38m x 12.19m; 30.48m x 15.24m.

For military operations, church gatherings, weddings and funerals. This tent is made from both heavy duty PVC and canvas.

Marquess in PVC Heavy Duty Material

These come in the following sizes:

12.2m x 6.10m; 9.75m x 4.88m; 15.24m x 7.62m; 18.29m x9.14m; 24.38m x 12.19m; 30.48m x 15.24m.


Hounsfield stretchers 2.0m long and 0.75m wide x 0.18m high with sprung steel frame and heavy duty jungle green canvas deck. In packed state measures 0.8m x 0.15m diameter.

PVC Tarpaulins

Printed with corporate or company logos, these tarpaulins can be used for easy stock control, they help eliminate theft and provide freecompany advertising.

Director Folding Chair

High quality and durable.

Water Bags

Water bags from 5 litres and 20 litres cylindrical cooler bags

Ropes & Miscellaneous 

Available in Sisal and Polysteel

Sleeping Bags

Available in Cotton and Nylon.